Friday, September 10, 2010

Update from the Headquarters

It's been a super productive day today!  I had a great workout on the treadmill (THANKS, 5-Hour Energy!), went on a coffee run to Starbucks, rearranged the furniture in my living/dining room, sent out a couple of reports and work emails, and took pictures of my prints to update some of my Etsy listings, etc.

All this before 10 AM!

I'm happy to say that I now have a somewhat normal dining room (hurray!) since I moved my big yellow desk to the living room.  It's kind of still in the way, but I feel much better about having the desk here and not in the dining room.

The dining room. Sigh.  That's a whole other story. And by story, I mean issue.  And by issue, I mean eyesore.  Here, take a look:
As you can see here, that is where the famous monster printer lives (I wasn't lying when I told you it took up about a quarter of my table!).  It is also my "office" for my "real" job.  I sit in those rickety little chairs to work.  Poor me!

I used to have 4, but I had to throw 2 of them out because they broke.

If another chair breaks I'm going to feel really fat!  (Note to self: Lose 7 lbs.)

Anyway, maybe when my super lovely, loving, caring, amazing parents come in a couple of weeks I can take some time to find some new dining room chairs (Mama, Papa: hint hint).

In the mean time, that's the status quo directly from Swell Papel Headquarters.  Please don't party too much this weekend.  But if you do, invite me!