Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Get Nautical

It's a sprint within a marathon.

...Planning a wedding so close to the holidays.

I've been simultaneously working on wedding preparations, holiday travel plans, buying and wrapping mountains of Christmas presents, and um... what was that other thing I do?  Oh yeah!  My full-time "real" job as "Catch-All Manager".  That's what I call myself, anyway, because whatever other people's job description doesn't fit, my boss gives to me.

I've also been watching Deadliest Catch via Netflix streaming, and even though I now know waaaay more about crab fishing than I ever cared to, I identify with those deckhands hauling their butts for long stretches of hard labor trying to catch Opilio or Alaskan King crabs.  Ok, perhaps what I have been doing is not as exhausting or dangerous as what these guys do, but at a lighter and super-superficial level, this kind of insanity is sort of in the same genus.

I need to be making sure that I'm always doing something, otherwise things can get piled up pretty quickly on the deck.  On top of that, I'm coming down with a cold (man down!).  Like the crab fishermen, I need to catch as many check marks on my To Do list than they need crabs.  All the while looking out for rogue waves of unpredictable work stuff that is thrown my way (mayday! mayday!), not by the Bering Sea, but by my current place of employment.

I'm enjoying every minute of it though.  

May your Bering Sea be calm and generous today and may your crab pods be full of... whatever it is you're fishing for today.

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