Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sneezes for Cash

Ah! It feels so good to get Monday out of the way.  Even though Tuesday lives right next to Monday, I find Tuesdays somewhat comforting, like a nice place to hang out after going through the shock of being ripped out of the weekend and thrown in the murky waters of Mondays.

My allergies have been insane lately.  Saturday was especially hard for me.  I tried everything from over the counter medicines to home remedies like green tea and local honey, and nothing seemed to work! Instead I turned into a dazed Sneezy-bee/ face-contortionist (anybody with allergies will know what this means), trying to survive Saturday without sneezing my head out of it's socket. 

On Sunday though, I was surprisingly achoo-less so I proceeded to actually ENJOY the day instead of suffering through it like on Saturday.  My face is back to normal, and my head is safely in its place.

Man, if I could find a way to make my sneezes profitable... I would be able to quit my day job, make a decent living, and have enough money to give to charity.  Is anybody out there interested in giving me cash for every sneeze?

All that sneezing left me drained and feeling a little uninspired.  I really want to make one new print (at least) for the shop by the end of this week, so I'm drinking my french pressed coffee and hoping to find some inspiration at the bottom of the cup.