Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday I received my first shipment of organic (and locally when available) produce from a company called Door to Door Organics.  I found them via Groupon, which I subscribe to.

Little did I know that this "small" box of produce would contain a "veritable cornucopia of wholesome sustenance", as The Boyfriend put it.  By the way, I just called the shipment a "wonderful bounty" but The Boyfriend had to one-up me by throwing in a handful of 3-or-more-syllable words in there.

Take a look:

Included in this week's box were the following:
1 lb. Red Skin Potatoes
1 lb. Yams
1 ea. Spinach bunch
1 ea. Leaf Lettuce
1 ea. Green Bell Pepper
1 ea. Chard bunch
1 ea. Celery
1 ea. Cauliflower
1 ea. Broccoli
2 ea. Valencia Oranges
1 ea. Kiwi Berries (1/2Pint)
2 ea. Jonagold Apples
2 ea. Gala Apples
2 ea. Red Starkrimson Pears
2 ea. Bartlett Pears


I kept some fruits here at home and took the rest over to The Boyfriend's house where I cooked us all a delicious soup with some of the veggies.  Bliss!  Cooking a good, organic and healthy meal for my loved ones is something that I really love doing.  It's not just food... it's LOVE... in their bellies!

Check out Door to Door Organics!


  1. Way cool! Gonna have to check them out!! Looks like great produce!!!

  2. wow what a great service & great variety of stuff you got.

  3. That's amazing, I wish they were close to me

  4. Yum! Yours looks so much more organized then mine. Sometimes it's a real mess!