Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's Tweet!

Things have been a little busy here at Swell Papel "headquarters" (lol).  I was working on a print yesterday when BAM! My computer chooses to shut down and I lost the work I had done.

Banging head against the wall.  Why?!

Anyway, upon The Boyfriend's wise advice, I set up a Twitter account (@swellpapel) last night to help me network with people who have similar interests as I do.  I'm really new to Twitter and I don't know a lot about it so I'm kind of stumbling around like a newborn fawn.  

Anyway, The Boyfriend was talking about important things such as followers, friends, StumbleUpon, and tweets, and clicks, and... and... I think my head imploded silently and defeated.

[Mom- I know now how you feel when I try to explain something having to do with computers to you.] 

I will get the hang of it, though.  I'm a fast learner.  

So if you are on Twitter, find me, and let's tweet!


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