Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Word of the Day

 An exclamative. Made popular by the character Shaggy on the television show Scooby Doo. Often used by itself to express fright, panic or fear.

Today I've been working many hours on digitally tracing a drawing of mine on Illustrator, and I'm thinking, will I ever finish?  

I'm sort of out of it- like someone sprayed mild bug spray in my face- and it is because I cannot believe how many hours I have spent working on this one drawing and it's still not done.

I keep looking on the internet for a magical video which will help me do what I'm doing faster, and praying that the almighty folks at Apple or Google come up with a Bio-USB stick of sorts which you just plug into your brain and download knowledge... SOON!  It's not that I don't want to learn- I do!  It's just that the patience to sit there and go through the mechanics of reading, watching, soaking, practicing, repeating, etc is not there!

But if I know anything in this life is that the things that are truly worth it take time.  Without time, one can't really appreciate the true value of an effort, nor can one really savor its rewards.  I take solace in the fact that one day I will look back at all the things I've learned and achieved because I decided to throw myself into doing something I love as a means to make a living.

Until then, Zoinks!


  1. jajaja me encanto la me acordaba que la decia Shaggy..besos tu fan numbero 1 de Monterrey...haber si adivinas!

  2. tienes que de mty y tengo un diario completo con todos tus posts de facebook...=)