Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Oh, Brown Paper Packages! How I love thee! Whether you are tied up with string or masking tape- it doesn't matter to me.

I got my monster printer yesterday.  It weighs about 40 lbs and takes up about 25% of my dining room table desk.  It is HUGE! I was floored when I saw the massiveness of it in my living space.  I don't mind, though. This printer is the MOTHER of all printers- the printer all other printers aspire to be.  It delivers high-quality, archival prints in sizes up to 17 x 19 inches in a variety of media. It is a great investment that I am absolutely happy to have made.

I'm also so glad that I ordered a new desk.  Otherwise it would be too little space to get my groove on.  Here's a picture of the desk that I ordered.  I'm going to squeeze it in my "dining room" (i.e. office).  I love the color, too!  I don't think I will help but be creative using a desk like this.
I'm trying to keep myself from ordering my dream Eames desk chair (see below), but perhaps one day...

It's so easy to just go berserk shopping online.  It doesn't feel like you are spending real money sometimes... like all your dreams are just a few clicks away and delivered to your door.  Wow! How cool is that?!

Anyway, with the arrival of my monster printer, I'm a skip and a hop away from actually being able to do business.  I do need more designs, but I don't want to be like a factory and mass-produce them, though. I want to spend time with each and every one of them; I want to bond with each drawing and make it special- make it the best little drawing it can be.  

I have decided that as soon as I have 8 designs ready, I will open the Etsy shop.  Why 8? Well, 5 seemed like too little, and 10 seemed like too much.  And that's that!

Off to work/sketch/live now!

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  1. i have a picture i would love to have made into a you know anyone that can do some thing like that??? hint hint.