Monday, April 11, 2011


It was a really snowy day, our wedding day.  Our wedding venue, Circa 1843, was decked out and glowing from the inside.  We had a small wedding- less than 40 people.  All of them braved the snow storm to join us on our special day.

Handmade Wedding Wreath

The ensemble did a great job and added an extra special touch
Custom papel picado hung over the ceremony area
Our desert table - Yum!
French macarons and Rockin' Cupcakes for desert
A wall of mirrors right behind the buffet
Different vintage chairs and simple antique bottles thoughtfully arranged

The venue was amazing! I loved the lanterns as well!
I'm still in love with our desert "table".  I got the cupcakes from an awesome cupcake shop called Rockin' Cupcakes.  They were amazing! And the french macarons... to die for!

Our photographer, Jen from Jen Lynne Photography, did an amazing job of capturing the coziness and warmth of the evening.  I couldn't be happier of how the pictures turned out and I cannot recommend her enough!

And of course, I couldn't end this blog post without my favorite picture (thanks so much, Jen!).


  1. WOW! what a beautiful wedding! you can literally feel the warmth of love and cozy feeling in those pictures. amazing. very happy to be your newest follower!

    Ashley Marie Wilson

  2. What a sweet comment! Thank you! I wish I could re-live that day at least once a week! lol.

    Hopping over to your blog now to check it out!