Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from the City of Mountains

I went back to visit friends and family in my hometown in Mexico last week.  There was tons of fun to be had between visiting my friends, and having good quality time with my folks too.  The summery weather was a nice change from Michigan's crisp cool.  I arrived wearing my Uggs and a heavy sweater (hot!) and ended up wearing open-toed shoes and summer dresses.  Ahh! So nice!

I love the city, though.  It's surrounded by Sierra Madre mountains which sparkle with the early morning sun.  It's truly an amazing sight.

And now I'm back in FLAT (yet charming in other ways) Michigan... Back to wearing my cozy sweaters and warm fuzzy boots.  I'm filling some print orders that I received while I was gone and planning the unveiling of a new print for this week.  Hurray!

Looking at these wonderful mountains, I kind of feel like printing my own "In the Mountains" print (available at the shop, of course!) and hanging it somewhere in my apartment so I can see it all day.
In the Mountains Print $18 USD by Swell Papel

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