Thursday, October 14, 2010

(NOT) Too Legit to Quilt

I really want a sewing machine.

There are many affordable models available everywhere and I would really love to pick one up and attempt to make a quilt.  Problem is, I don't have any room in my apartment to store a sewing machine.  As it is, my camera and laptop bags have found a sad little spot in a corner of my dining room, out there, in the open.  And my monster printer lives atop my dining room table, which nowadays looks more like a printer stand because of the proportions of the MONSTER printer. It's sad, really... all those things want is a little closet or real storage space to call their own.

My closets are full from floor to ceiling, my kitchen and bathroom cabinets already house a variety of random things including, but not limited to: a tiny cube cooler, 2 Easter egg coloring kits, paint brushes, picnic blankets, Transformers wrapping paper, etc.

I cannot get a sewing machine if there's no room for it.  But all I wanna do is make a quilt!

I'm thinking I need to engage my brain in creative problem solving right now.  Cuz I'm (NOT) too legit to quilt.


  1. you know you don't NEED a sewing machine to quilt. there are many that hand piece myself being one of them as my machine fell off a moving truck & i just can't afford to repalce it. sure machine piecing might be faster, BUT hand piecing you can take & do any where.

  2. You have a good point there. I just think that a sewing machine would make my endeavor a little easier/faster, especially since I have never attempted to make a quilt before.