Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Only a Game? Not!!

In the past some people have tried to get me to play Eucre- a popular card game here around Michigan in which the objective is ________ and the players try to accomplish it by _________ and __________.

I'm leaving those blanks because the 3 times that I've "played" it, I have had NO IDEA what the other people are doing.  And I shouldn't really be saying that I "played" Eucre. It was more like being swept away by these crazy people who clearly knew what they were doing and getting excited when they got excited.  

At other times, other people have tried to play Continental (I think it may be called Continental Rummy in some places) with me, and I always end up a confused little mess while trying to add my points after a round.  I get one of my smarter friends to count my points for me.  I'm not lazy. It's just that my brain doesn't want to do it.

My favorite card-related anecdote though, is a couple of years ago when I went to Vegas with my cousins, some of which are very experienced in table games.  We began playing Blackjack and after 3 hours of playing, I still didn't get the game.  I kept saying "I went to art school- I can't count" over and over, as if it excused me from the fact that I couldn't remember the value of a King or how much a Jack was worth.  Thankfully, I had my cousins there to guide me through and advising me on whether to split, or double down, etc.  I think I did end up making some money that night, but my biggest accomplishment was getting chuckles out of the dealer.  He was one of those serious types, no smiles, no helpful advice, no nothing.  Oh! But he couldn't resist my charm and by the end of the night he was making jokes and offering us advice.  Good times.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get to is that I'm not really good at card games.  Actually, I'm really really bad at card games.  

Board games though... that's another story.  I don't play board games.  Why? Because if you get me playing a board game, I will become so emotionally invested in it that I will make you sorry you brought the Scrabble over for game night at my place.  

In true Jekyll & Hyde fashion, I go from totally sweet, good natured me to "You landed on my property- pay me the mortgage AND an extra fee for choosing the shoe as your token" me.  In Monopoly, specifically, I become like a mobster making deals with other players, even going as far as bribing them.  Shameless.

It's true.

So, The Boyfriend has been wanting to play board games with me.  And I'm not exactly sure I want him to see that side of me.  But whatever, sooner or later he's going to know so, I'm looking to you- The Internet- to suggest some cool games for 2 people.

The criteria is as follows:
- Does not involve adding, subtracting, division, or multiplication (I went to art school)
- Does not lend itself to crazy power struggles like Monopoly... or at least how I play Monopoly
- It is fun even for the loser (it's very important that The Boyfriend has fun when I win the game)

So, if you have any good suggestions, send them my way!  

Thank you!

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