Friday, August 20, 2010


The work week is finally coming to an end!  I've been driving myself insane between work and Swell Papel.  For those of you who do not know, I have a regular job to pay my bills.  Granted, I work from home, which gives me enough flexibility to pursue Swell Papel and then make up work hours during my lunch hour or in the evenings if needed, but it's still a "real" job and it's been a really busy week trying to juggle everything. 

This weekend, The Boyfriend and I will be working on painting his living and dining room.  I'm excited to see the change and there's little I enjoy more than remodeling and making spaces more beautiful.  It's going to be amazing!

Speaking of spaces, I have my own dilemma to solve in my apartment.  I really need a work station for Swell Papel, but the problem is that I live in a small one-bedroom apartment and don't have a lot of flexibility to just put a desk anywhere.  I'll either have to get rid of the TV/stand in my living room OR, butt the dining table against the wall to make room for a small workstation. Ugh! It's probably not going to look so great, but I'll have to make do.  Between the printer, paper, shipping supplies, etc, I really need a decent work space with enough storage to get by.

Whatever the case, I sense a trip to Ikea soon!


  1. can you spare a closet??? they work great as a little office and then you can shut the door after your are done, and take before and after pics of the boyfriends place i want to see what he did. thanks.

  2. Hello there, "Anonymous",

    Unfortunately, I have only one closet and I have waaaay too many shoes and clothes to be stored there!

    I WILL take pics and post them when the project is done. Can't wait!